Mother Teresa Education Program

The Mother Teresa Foundation hopes to alleviate the economic inability of talented students to receive education. We properly identify the deserving students, their skills and attitude and help them with their education in schools, colleges and technical institutions to shape their future through our scholarship program. This will ensure, we help the next generation of students to become our future leaders and innovators. 

Deserving students are identified and supported with a full scholarship for their school/college education (of their choice.) This includes any additional expenses such as study materials, boarding and any other expense towards students’ education. This program is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion. We give special preference to Orphans, Semi-Orphans, Physically Challenged and Visually Impaired students.

With the help of industry leaders and HR specialists we organise regular Career Guidance programs for higher secondary school students to help them decide on the best options available for their higher studies.

All of our efforts to educate children and help them grow in life begin with The Mother Teresa New Life Program. We approach school students through their respective schools and inculcate human values and enhance their sense of social responsibility.

To provide a motivational push to children who are assisted by The Mother Teresa Foundation we regularly organise Rejuvenation Programs. Through these programs, we reach the children and their parents who participate in workshops and seminars designed to improve their standard of living.

To provide access to necessary knowledge about technology to the rural population the foundation runs a Computer Literacy Program. It’s free computer center is currently located in the premises of The Anbu Illam open to public access.

Scholarships Provided

Year: 2019 – 2020

Total: 1016

School children: 420

  • Girls: 244
  • Boys: 176

College Education: 596
(428 girls and 168 boys)

  • Medical – 13
    • MD  – 3
    • MBBS – 8
    • BPT (Physiotherapy) – 2
  • Paramedical – 68
    • B.Pharm  – 1
    • B.Sc., Nursing – 44
    • B.Sc., Radiology – 1
    • Diploma, Nursing – 19
    • Diploma, Pharmacy – 2
    • Diploma, Sugar Technician – 1
  • Engineering – 122
  • Arts & Science – 319
  • ITI & Polytechnic / Professional – 74

Year: 2018 – 2019

Total: 633

School children: 275

  • Girls: 147
  • Boys: 128

College Education: 358
(244 girls and 114 boys)

  • Medical – 9
    • MD  – 1
    • MS – 1
    • MBBS – 6
    • BPT (Physiotherapy) – 1
  • Paramedical – 40
    • B.Sc., Nursing – 26
    • B.Sc., Radiology – 1
    • B.Sc., Critical Care Taker – 1
    • Diploma, Nursing – 9
    • Diploma, Pharmacy – 1
    • Diploma, Lab Technician – 1
    • Diploma, Sugar Technician – 1
  • Engineering – 63
  • Arts & Science – 203
  • ITI & Polytechnic / Professional – 43

Mother Teresa Career Guidance Program

The aim of this program is to provide a comprehensive guidance and counseling that would address developmental needs of school students. Under this program HR Specialists and Education Consultants are invited to address the students regarding the courses open to them to pursue after schooling.

Every year this program is organised in the last week of August covering nearly 7000 students from about 100 govt. and govt. aided schools in Thanjavur Education District with the support of the government’s education department. In addition to this, programs are also conducted in individual schools throughout the year as a follow up with a view to guiding them continuously.

Mother Teresa New Life Program

Human values are closely integrated with human life. In order to inculcate human values especially among children and young adults the Mother Teresa New Life Program was envisioned. Through this program we strive to educate children about positive values such as Honesty, Compassion, Love etc., and remove negative values.

Engulfed by the flame of modern culture, the youth go directionless causing cultural erosion and degeneration. Our aim is to target the students and prevent them from getting overly obsessed with modern culture. So there is a need to inculcate ethical values in them to help each other and promote good intentions in the interest of humanity.

As a rider to our career guidance program, we address small groups at school level. The civic and social education conducted under this program at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries with audio-visual aids creates a deeper and desired impact in their minds.

Mother Teresa Rejuvenation Program

Under this program we periodically organize workshops, seminars with the help of HR specialists, Educationists and social workers to motivate the attendees to inculcate ethical, human values and increase their standard of living.

It leads to an overall development in personality, leadership qualities and self reliance among the beneficiaries. This program is open to the children of Anbu Illam, students covered under Mother Teresa Education Program, their parents, guardians and even general public. 

Computer Literacy Program

In today’s world, computer plays a major role in economic development. It is imperative for the younger generation to fully equip themselves with computer knowledge to enable them to earn a decent livelihood.

The overwhelming response our foundation received from the rural youth and their parents for Mother Teresa Education Program prompted us to launch The Mother Teresa Computer Literacy Program  to promote the technical knowledge of the rural youth and reduce the urban-rural divide. The center is functioning in Mother Teresa Anbu Illam for the use beneficiaries of The Mother Teresa Foundation and general public free of cost.