Mother Teresa Joy Home

St. Mother Teresa focused her personal attention on the well-being of the old people who have been abandoned by their children. She has bestowed her time and energy to bring about transformation in their life through personal care. Her service to the poor has been the main source of inspiration for our Foundation to launch a project in her name called the “The Mother Teresa Joy Home” for senior citizens who need care and support in their advanced age.

There are care homes for the elite who can afford to bear the expenses on their own. Whereas there are a number of poor people who are homeless, having no proper support from their families and cannot afford to stay in paid homes.

To provide solace to such poor people, we have decided to start a Free Home in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu for poor senior citizens (both men and women.) We will provide all the basic needs including food, shelter and medical aid at no cost to them.

In this home apart from normal accommodation, we shall be providing additional amenities such as a yoga and meditation hall, recreation hall, library and dispensary for emergent medical needs. The home will be surrounded by a sprawling open area with greenery for fresh air and a conducive atmosphere. We shall provide care with love expected from their children. We will make sure, loneliness, which normally torments them will not be felt. Our goal is to make them feel at home.

To achieve this goal The Foundation has already purchased one acre of vacant land in Gopal Nagar, Marunkulam Panchayat, Thanjavur. The proposed building will have a constructed area of roughly 11,000 sq.ft. in the ground floor and around 9,000 sq.ft. in the first floor. We will be starting the construction shortly.

Once the ground floor is completed the home will have a capacity of 50 people. On completion of the first floor we will be able to accommodate an additional 50 people thus bringing the overall strength to 100 in two phases

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Our current estimates towards completion of this project stands at   3,00,00,000 (INR)