Mother Teresa Joy Home for the Aged

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Mother Teresa Joy Home for the Aged

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Mother Teresa Joy Home for the Aged

The pride of any society is its Elders

In recent times, children of many parents are not inclined to support them in their old age and several more are without any family to care for them.

The Mother Teresa Foundation started the The Mother Teresa Joy Home for the Aged in 2019.

The home is of international standards with provisions for dormitories and individual rooms. The rooms are available for single and double occupancy.

We provide additional amenities such as  yoga and meditation hall, recreation hall, library and dispensary for emergent medical needs. The home is surrounded by a sprawling open area with greenery for fresh air and a conducive atmosphere free from pollution.

We provide care with love expected from their children. We make sure loneliness, which normally torments them is not felt. Our goal is to make them feel at home and live with honour and dignity shedding all the inhibitions through our dedicated service.

Mission : Care and Protection for Elders

Beneficiaries of this program are
139 million over 60years - Help Age



October 2019

as on 30th Mar 2022