Testimonials by our Beneficiaries

Mother of Praveen who lost use of both his legs after an accident, gives testimony on support provided by the Mother Teresa Foundation
Ms. Arokia Femina deserted by her father narrates the sad past and the light shown by The Foundation to come out of the childhood ordeal.
Sibiya studying at Anna Velankanni College giver her testimony of assistance received from The Mother Teresa Foundation
A family from Mumbai who were stranded during the lockdown provide testimony of the assistance received from The Mother Teresa Foundation
Mr. Pragadeshwaran (91yrs) and his daughter Mrs. Bhavani (65yrs) emotionally narrating how our Foundation helped them at every stage in their hazardous life. He explains that education of his grandchildren has been taken care of by the Foundation. Being a cancer patient he had to be treated with the expensive medicines and Foundation came to his rescue in this crucial stage. When his daughter met with an accident and was admitted in hospital Foundation took care of all the medical expenses. They thus acknowledge and testify with gratitude the great services of Mother Teresa Foundation.
The Mother Teresa Foundation provided support to various People with Disabilities
Gowri from Srirangam Trichy, a differently-abled mother who received assistance from the Foundation to educate her two daughters gives testimony
Karthik reveals his childhood sorrows as an orphan. He also narrates how Foundation helps him to fulfill his dreams.
R Rooban Raj a Foundation sponsored child relates his journey with The Mother Teresa Foundation. He also reveals his trauma in his family. He tells us how he is taken care of by The Mother Teresa Foundation and how he is getting the best of education.