Mother Teresa Transgender Empowerment Program

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The 2011 census reported 4,80,000 individuals of India’s population as Transgender. The Transgender community in India has always been subjected to widespread discrimination. They face obstacles that can make them vulnerable to victimisation. They have been kicked out without resources, subjected to abuse or violence, and rarely have any financial and emotional support. 

The struggle for accepting and understanding the identities of Transgender individuals exists in each society, race, and class. The Transgender community all over the world are in need of support, exposure and most importantly acceptance. 

The Mother Teresa Foundation is uniquely positioned to assist Transgender, Transsexual and gender non-conforming individuals with their needs and much more in making their own livelihood. We want to bring a change in existing situations and thus, we started our Initiative – Mother Teresa TransEmpowerment Program (MTTEP).

MTTEP aims to socially and financially uplift 200 Transgender in Thanjavur by helping to start their own business – DTP centre, small tiffin stall, Cattle rearing, tailoring centre etc. as opted by them. To strengthen their capacity even further, we are also planning to support their education, organise livelihood training programs for technical assistance etc.

The visibility of the Transgender community has begun to disrupt long-held beliefs about gender and the ways we organise our lives around categories of gender. The only way to help them to come out of the so called social stigma is to make them financially independent. Hence, we are seeking to gently reshape the situation of inclusion and exclusion that surround gender identities.