Mother Teresa Anbu Illam (Orphanage)

 “To Love ones neighbour is to love God” is the sole teaching of St. Mother Teresa. Following these words, the foundation runs the Mother Teresa Anbu Illam (Orphanage), a home to quench the thirst for love, care, protection and groom the poor children for bright future. Since every child deserves a chance, the Foundation works towards making this a possibility.

This home takes in orphans, semi-orphans and abandoned children. The children who have hitherto remained unloved, uncared, unwanted and abandoned are given parental care in this home. They are motivated to overcome the apathy and understand the feel of Love.

The Home believes that all children should be given an equal opportunity in life especially when it comes to the provision of basic needs such as Food, Housing, Clothing, Health care and Education. The children in our Home are therefore given free shelter, clothing, proper medical care and quality education. The Home arranges quality education for these children at school level. On completion of school education these children are given full scholarships to pursue their higher education based on their accomplishment and attitude.

In order to promote moral values, the Foundation gives importance to spiritual activities and conducts daily prayers. There is a spiritual guardian to give proper guidance for their personality development, which enable them to live in amity and fellowship with each other.

The children in the Home are encouraged to treat each other as brothers and sisters, and share their joys and sorrows among them, which creates a family atmosphere. All these efforts are made so that the children never nurse a feeling of loneliness or having missed someone in their life.

The goal of the Home is to train the children in such a way that they become useful to themselves and to the society in general and to equip them with a high sense of Moral Integrity and Intellectual Excellence.