Mother Teresa Medical Foundation

Mother Teresa Medical Foundation has been formed with the sole idea of providing proper updated medical care affordable to all. As a first step the foundation has established The Mother Teresa Health Centre. This is a free out-patient clinic that reaches out to people from all walks of life. Free consultation and treatment is provided with the help of doctors specialised in different fields of medicine.

All patients visiting the health center are welcomed with a divine and solemn atmosphere which begins the process of healing with the blessings of St. Mother Teresa. Following in her footsteps the foundation believes the first step to recovery is the healing touch of personal counseling. Our caretakers are trained to serve with patience, love and care.

The foundation, through medical camps and health awareness programs at regular intervals, removes the ignorance due to lack of proper health education, especially among rural population. It provides a proper platform for them to arrest epidemics and to have timely treatment before any illness takes it’s toll.

In the present day competitive world, fatigue due to tension and mental disturbance due to various problems impact the physical fitness and concentration. To overcome this Yoga and Meditation is organised during weekends for our children as well as the general public with the help of yoga practitioners.

Our medical foundation unique in nature provides multi-dimensional treatment to make the society free from medical complexities.


Mother Teresa Health Centre

As the first step of the The Mother Teresa Medical Foundation a Free out-patient clinic was commissioned. Patients are provided free consultation and treatment with the help of specialists in the fields of General Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Pulmonology, Diabetology, Cardiology. In addition specialists in other fields attend patients on call.

For patients requiring emergency treatment facilities available for admission and treatment round the clock. The foundation has also opened a MOT (Mini operating theatre)  for minor procedures and emergency ward in the health center.

Facilities Provided

  • Divine and solemn atmosphere
  • Free consultation with the help of specialists every day.
  • Dedicated nurses and attendants to serve the patients.
  • Pharmacy with quality medicines at affordable rates.
  • MOT (Mini operating theatre) for minor procedure
  • Emergency ward round the clock.
  • Well equipped lab with facilities for clinical tests, ECG and scan at affordable rates
  • Counseling services
  • Medical camps and awareness programs

Upgrading the Health Centre

A project has been set up to upgrade the The Mother Teresa Health Centre, which is currently an out-patient clinic, to, an in-patient centre with about 20 beds. This upgrade also includes ICU, Operating Theatre and other required amenities.

This requires additional construction to be undertaken in land that is already available. The estimates for this project is set at   50,00,000 INR

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Doctors currently providing service

Dr Rahaman

Dr. MTA. Rahman., MD
General Medicine

Dr Senthil Kumar - Mother Teresa Foundation

Dr. M.K. Senthil Kumar, MD., (PAED)

Dr.V.Seetha - Mother Teresa Foundation

Dr. V. Seetha, MD., DCH

Dr Sivakumar - Mother Teresa Foundation

Dr. R. Sivakumar, MBBS., DCH

Dr Shashikala - Mother Teresa Foundation

Dr. G Shashikala, MBBS., DNB (O&G)


Dr. S. Kiruththiga, MBBS., DGO.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Joseph Victor - Mother Teresa Foundation

Dr. Joseph Victor,
Plastic Surgery

Mother Teresa Rural Health Program

The Foundation is committed to provide health care for all. It organises health camps periodically especially in rural areas to create awareness and provide health solutions. In addition mobile clinics are set up by The Mother Teresa Health Centre and it’s team of doctors and nurses during these health camps to conduct free treatment.

A unique feature of this program is to provide free pickup/drop services to our health care centre from remote rural areas with no direct access to good healthcare.

Mother Teresa Counseling Program

The foundation provides counseling services to those in need. Specific focus is given to individuals with care and affection. Our services extend to families (as a unit) who need help and students who need direction.

Benefactors from this program leave with clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

Mother Teresa Yoga & Meditation Program

The foundation organises Yoga for Human Excellency Program in association with Thanjavur Manavalakalai Mandram Trust for the children of Anbu Illam and general public every Saturday in Anbu Illam premises.