Extending the free meal program to cover 600 poor to mark the 111th birthday of St.Mother Teresa.

Dean of Thanjavur Medical college hospital distributed the food packets and released the covid 19 awareness posters in the presence of RMO of the hospital.

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111th birthday of St. Mother Teresa

Marking the 111th birthday of St. Mother Teresa and 2nd anniversary of Mother Teresa Joy home (Old Age Home), we are making it special by joining hands with you through our Amudhasurabhi Free Meal Program.

This program feeds 600+ people EVERYDAY through out the year which costs ₹7500/day.

Just ₹100 a day, from your pocket can fill the stomach of 8 people. Or just ₹500 a day can satisfy 40 starving poor.

As Mother Teresa once said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Contribute as much as you can and habituate doing the needful to the society!
– Mother Teresa Foundation

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Enters 3rd year today

To mark the occasion Trustees H. Govindaraj and K. Radhabhai felicitated the senior citizens of the home. The Occupants enjoyed the day with fun and fare.

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Mother Teresa Scholarship Program

Affording avenues for accomplishing academic aspirations amidst adversities.
Scholarship provided to students by Foundation as a part of this year’s program.

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Recognition for services of our Foundation during covid 19

Certicate of goodwill and appreciation presented by District collector Thanjavur in the independence day Celebrations to our Chairman for the services rendered for the impacted during the pandemic.

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