Festive Bliss: Mother Teresa Foundation’s Heartwarming Christmas and New Year Celebration

Christmas and New Year Celebration

In the spirit of joy and giving, Mother Teresa Foundation recently hosted a memorable Christmas program and New Year celebration. The event brought together beneficiaries of the Mother Teresa Scholarship Program, creating a festive atmosphere filled with laughter, talent, and shared moments.

A Celebration of Talent and Scholarship

The students, recipients of scholarships through the Mother Teresa Scholarship Program, took center stage, showcasing their talents in dance and song.

The Foundation organized engaging games for both the beneficiary students and their parents, creating a platform for them to display their unique abilities.

Generosity and Blessings

As a gesture of goodwill, the Chief Guest, Rev. Father. Vincent Correspondent of Bishop Devadass Ambrose Vidyalaya (CBSE), Thanjavur, delivered a heartfelt blessing to everyone present.

During the program, both the Chief Guest and the Chairman of Mother Teresa Foundation provided scholarships to 25 deserving students through the Mother Teresa Scholarship Program. This added a significant layer of joy and opportunity to the festive celebration.

The Chairman extended warm Christmas wishes and distributed gifts generously.

A special highlight was the selection of the lucky winner for 2024, with beneficiary Jose Princy receiving the fortunate prize.

Christmas Cake Cutting Extravaganza for Beneficiary Students

Adding an extra layer of joy to our festive celebration, the vibrant Christmas cake cutting ceremony became a cherished tradition for our beneficiary students. Gathered together, students witnessed the sweetness of the season, creating special moments filled with the spirit of togetherness and festivity. The ceremonial cutting, followed by shared laughter and warm wishes, added a delightful touch to our celebrations, making it a memorable experience for all our beneficiary students.

Joyful Surprises and Santa’s Arrival

The atmosphere was charged with happiness as Santa Claus made a delightful entrance, spreading joy among the students and parents alike. The event concluded on a joyful note, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a festive celebration.


Mother Teresa Foundation’s commitment to fostering joy and community spirit was evident in the success of this Christmas and New Year celebration. The event not only celebrated the festive season but also highlighted the talents and achievements of the Foundation’s beneficiaries.

Arrival of Santa Claus