Empowering Orphaned Children Through Education

The Mother Teresa Foundation has been providing support and care to underprivileged children for several years. Mother Teresa Anbu Illam (orphanage) has been providing shelter and education to orphans and semi-orphans. Many of these children are enrolled in St. Michael’s High School in Madhakoattai and are pursuing their education with great enthusiasm.

To ensure that these children have access to quality education, the Mother Teresa Foundation provided scholarships to 31 children of the orphanage. The scholarship amount of Rs. 1,64,710/- covers their school fees, stationery, uniforms, and other necessary expenses with the sole aim to empower them for better future.

The scholarship award ceremony was a moment of joy and celebration for everyone involved. The chairman of the Foundation handed over the cheques to the headmaster of St. Michael’s High School, and the children expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations.  With this support, these children can overcome the challenges of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves.