Supporting Vulnerable Single Parents

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Supporting Vulnerable Single Parents

The Mother Teresa Foundation since 2005 has been continuously operating The Community Development Program. Through this program we aim to uplift the marginalised populace.

Through this campaign, we are trying to target the most vulnerable of this population,  The Poor Single Parents. 

In India, there is a large percentage of single parents, especially women. Due to prevailing social stigma and lack of resources these single parents are often pushed further into poverty and desolation. They are unable to find any means to bring themselves out of this situation without a helping hand. 

Primarily in the poor community, several factors such as Alcohol / Drug Abuse, Accidents, Work related risks,  abandonment and suicide among others contribute to this situation. 

The Mother Teresa Foundation provides Educational Assistance via scholarships to the children of single parents via our Scholarship Program.

We also provide, Under our Community Development Program, monthly Rice & Grocery supplies, all required medical supplies and monetary assistance for rent etc. to help maintain a basic standard of living.

The Foundation also provides assistance in procuring equipment like sewing machines, commercial cooking utensils and raw material, in addition to providing training and other skill development to further their scope of earning their own living. 

Under the Community Development Program, The Foundation in association with local  district administration constructs homes for vulnerable families. (Read about this…)  The Foundation also takes care of the expenses incurred for fixing/repairing beneficiaries’ homes to make them livable again. 

The Foundation provides any type of assistance required for vulnerable single parents. This ensures that the family breaks their cycle of poverty and contributes to the society in a meaningful way.