Transforming Lives: Mother Teresa Foundation’s ‘Home For The Homeless’ Initiative Brings Hope and Shelter


In the serene town of Pamban, Ramanadhapuram District, Mother Teresa Foundation continues to make a significant difference through its impactful ‘Home for Homeless’ initiative. We delve into the moving story of Mrs. Punitha, a single mother facing the challenges of a terminal illness, whose life took a transformative turn with the Foundation’s support.

A Journey of Hope

Mrs. Punitha’s poignant plea reached the ears of Mother Teresa Foundation, prompting a closer look into her circumstances. As we extend our assistance to this brave single mother, we witness the ripple effect of our initiative, touching not just one but multiple lives in need.

Home for Homeless
Old House

Empowering Lives

Recognizing the urgent need for stable housing, Mother Teresa Foundation provided substantial financial aid of Rs. 58,000 to Mrs. Punitha. This financial empowerment became the driving force behind completing her dream home, providing a haven of security and stability for her and her children.

Home for Homeless
New House

A Celebration of New Beginnings

On a momentous day – December 3, 2023 – Mrs. Punitha celebrated the completion of her house with a heartwarming housewarming ceremony. Dr. AR. Savarimuthu, Chairman of Mother Teresa Foundation, handed over the keys, symbolizing not just a physical structure but a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

Impacting Lives Beyond Walls‘Home For The Homeless’

The impact of the ‘Home for Homeless’ initiative goes beyond the tangible walls of a house. It represents a commitment to reshaping lives, providing a fresh start for families like Mrs. Punitha’s, and fostering a renewed sense of hope and opportunity.