Christmas Celebrations with The Single Mother’s Association of Rameswaram

The Chairman and Staff of The Mother Teresa Foundation visited The Rameswaram Island on the 24th of January to celebrate Christmas with the Widows and Single Mothers of the Fishermen Community. These folks are completely sidelined from the society in it’s current state. The Foundation aims to put an end to this practice and integrate them into the society.

To this end, an event was conducted to celebrate Christmas in the island town of Rameswaram. Fr. Saminathan, local co-ordinator for our Foundation made the necessary arrangements for the event.

This was the very first time any of them have celebrated Christmas in this fashion, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the Games, Drama, Song and Dance that was held in this event. Everyone recieved christmas gifts and won prizes for participating in the games.

The Association for the Single Mothers of Rameswaram was started after The Mother Teresa Foundation’s previous visit to Rameswaram to assist with the educational requirements and community development through our Scholarship Program and The Community Development Program. This association was started to bring this marginalised community out of their old practices such as ostrasisation of widowed women from the community etc. and turn them into productive members of the society.

The Foundation aims to continue in its outreach to bring this society out of it’s aged practices and will continue to take further steps to do so through it’s various programes.