Scholarship Interviews at Rameswaram

The fisherman community in Rameswaram has a large number of widows who mostly lost their husbands at sea amidst other reasons. On average each single-mother has 3 children, most under the age of 12.

Our Foundation was contacted by The Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Swaminathan, who brought these issues to our notice. Subsequently a volunteer group was formed to identify the potential beneficiaries.

We found more than 50 families in need of assistance. Rather than ask them to appear for an interview at our premises, which is the standard practice, we opted to bring our team to Rameswaram to conduct the interviews and select prospective beneficiaries for the scholarships.

Their stories of hardships is just something that people in their normal walks of life can never imagine.

Our Foundation, through The Scholarship Program and Community Development Program, has opted to help most of these beneficiaries with their educational expenses and general livelihood assistance by providing them with grocery and monthly monetary assistance.

The Mother Teresa Foundation has committed to ongoing support for this community and to further expand assistance in more meaningful ways.

40 families from the fishermen community were in need of educational assistance. The Foundation conducted a camp to conduct interviews to select prospective candidates.