Rev.Fr. S. James

Spiritual Guide

Rev. Fr. James Savarirajan, Indian by birth, was ordained as a Priest for the Catholic Diocese of Florence, Italy serving as a missionary for more than 30 years. He holds several pastoral responsibilities in different capacities in the diocese. He is an untiring pastor who is totally committed to the priesthood, working long hours for the welfare of the people. He possesses the indefatigable zeal, indomitable spirit and the immense faith in God. 

He is faithful to his regime of personal prayer and to the liturgy of the Church whether in an informal setting on pilgrimage or in the grandeur of the Church. He is renowned for his God-given wisdom, which he uses to give individuals wise counsel and to congregations with thought-provoking reflections. As an enlightened counselor, spiritual advisor and an efficient administrator, Fr. James is greatly respected by all. 

As a pastor, he remains easy to engage with and as a leader he is authoritative, shrewd and inclusive. He grew up in India, holding a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education from Ranji University, Jarkand, India and a Master of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Florence, Italy. He is known for his simplicity, sincerity, dedication and commitment to the mission, which made him to be one of the much respected and joyful priests in the diocese of Florence. He is lucky to have personal experience with two Saints – St. John Paul II and St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata. As an ardent follower of St. Mother Teresa, he associates himself with The Mother Teresa Foundation as Spiritual Advisor and guides the entire Team in a blissful way.