George Vedamanickam

Director IT, Public Relations - (Hon)

George is an energetic and enthusiastic personality with very unusual talents and skillset. He possess super-sharp and knowledgeable cognizance about programming/software development and other “left brain” areas of IT, yet has been blessed with a great eye for design, typically considered as a “right brain” function. He is set apart with a special role of both the graphical designer and technical designer & developer of any new system and has produced great desired results. Beyond this, George’s pleasing personality enables people always been great to work with him and it’s been a pleasure dealing with him to accomplish any task. Added to, George’s English is well appreciated by all English spoken peers internationally.

As a Director of Suitall Polypro Limited and Suitall Real Estates Limited, Chennai for 7 years George has developed an in-house accounting platform (conforming to Indian standards) with the ability to add/edit/access it anywhere using just a browser. For about 6 years he has worked as a Senior Director, Mobile at ImplementHIT LLC, New York, USA. for Mobile devices and corresponding administration interfaces and also for networking and server management processes. He was the Director of IT at Offimart Solutions Private Limited, Chennai for 5 years.  He is the Creative Director of Score Magazine since 2010 for designing and approving every issue before goes to print. George has been the Director – Public Relations at The Mother Teresa Foundation since its inception (2002), responsible for the online presence and generation of funding received through online donations.