Dr. Malini Saba


Dr. Malini Saba (www.malinisaba.com) exemplifies the concept of using business to serve humanity; she is a self-made businesswoman, an ardent philanthropist, psychologist, single Mom, fitness enthusiast, author, passionate culinarian, human & social rights activist and a global advocate for women and girls. Dr. Saba is also one of the very few self-made leaders in the commodity industry, and the first woman owner and CEO in the commodity space.  She has helped millions of underserved women and children in South and Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and the U.S. to gain access to life-saving medical, educational services and achieves economic stability.

With an aim and vision to help one billion people around the world, she has helped them to have access to basic healthcare amenities, education facilities and opportunities to help them in breaking the cycle of poverty and educate people on human right issues.  Dr Saba launched the ‘Anannke Foundation’ (previously known as Saba Family Foundation) to serve as the umbrella organization for all of her philanthropic efforts and activities which focuses on healthcare, education and human rights. The organization has undertaken numerous projects in the respective fields including partnering with President Bill Clinton on many global initiatives and was jointly featured in multiple newspapers and magazines, Stanford Medical Center,  YUVA, CARE International, Concern Worldwide Program, Net Aid programs, Say Yes for Children’, Aman Movement’, Humanity Crew’, Maharani Gurcharan Kaur Euro Group’, Save the Children etc.


Dr. Saba was born in Malaysia to a family of modest means, which instilled in her a very strong work ethic that helped her rise to success through sheer perseverance and the belief that she could. Her parents also emphasized compassion for those less fortunate, and as a child, she would bring clothes and books to shelters and spend time there.

Dr Saba received the Kalpana Chawla 2005 award for ‘Outstanding Woman Of The Year’ from the friends of Indian community of Los Angeles, the Mother Theresa award in 2004 from the friends of Indian community of Los Angeles, the 2007 Ambassador Of Peace award from the federation of peace in London, the 2001 Entrepreneur Of The Year – Business Women’s Network Washington D.C., and the 2005 Philanthropist Of The Year award by “Pratham’ an NGO promoting education.

With proven achievements in investment, real estate, commodity and PC industries, Dr. Saba repeatedly produces sustained revenue and growth in dynamic and changing markets. She has an extensive business background in international, multi-cultural environments and broad experience with highly engineered systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets. Dr Saba has continued her path to build her businesses, while continuing to mentor, teach and fund local initiatives. She currently heads a global commodity which employs around 3750 local workers.

Dr Saba regularly donates funds towards building schools in Africa, India and South-East Asia. She also fund scholarships and has previously funded over one million students. Furthermore, the operations of the foundation focus on funding organizations that work with children and young adults.


Saba Group Holdings, finances Dr Saba’s philanthropic works which is a group of privately held company that she founded in Asia. Dr. Saba has a passion for agricultural commodities, such as rice, and natural resources because they are essential to human existence. In addition to rice, Saba Group Holdings operates palm oil, cashew and wheat businesses. The company also operates in the gold mining, ship breaking, iron Ore and hospitality sectors. Saba Group Holdings employs best business and sustainable business practices in South and Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Dr. Malini Saba is also the Founder of Saba Entertainment Group, whose mission is to develop, create, source and invest in international and economically viable feature film, TV and immersive experiences. It also produce short form content projects that could be released theatrically, video on demand (VOD), subscription (SVOD) with intent to present socially relevant, entertaining and empowering content.

An avid writer, successful businesswoman and brilliant researcher, she wants to work relentlessly to provide access to women and children through the life span, not only for preventive health but social and economic gain. She continues to speak in global forums and intends to impact policies globally across governments. Dr. Saba launched a food business in Asia In 2006. She traveled through South East Asia to the Far East and finally onto Southern Asia with her entrepreneurial businesses. Dr Saba also devoted her time in writing “The Abbreviated Cook,” a compilation of quick and easy recipes offers a twist on traditional South and Southeast Asian dishes which can also be found at her website www.serendipspice.com

Dr. Saba has started recently Founded a social media community ‘TheSingleWorkingMother’ to empower and provide support to Single Working Mothers who are currently working (any type of job, in any type of career, with any type of work arrangement), wants to learn about the challenges of being a Single Working Mom –or wanting to re-enter the workforce.

Anannke Foundation

To honour her father, Dr. Malini Saba laid the foundation of ‘Anannke Foundation’ (previously known as Saba Family Foundation) in 2002, which serves as the umbrella organization for all of her philanthropic works globally. It is dedicated to a single mission to give access to under serve and promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world. ‘Anannke Foundation’ is a firm believer of the phrase ‘health is wealth’ and is an advocate for those who are being marginalized. Through its initiatives, it promotes the field of creating systematic support systems which benefit women and children who are at risk. The key areas the foundation focuses on are that of healthcare, education and advancement of human rights.  

The goal of the foundation is to help at least one billion people around the world to gain access to basic healthcare, give education and opportunities that allow them to break the cycle of poverty, and eradicate illiteracy about human right issues. The foundation is proficient in analysing and addresses the root causes of the emerging socio-economic challenges faced by developing and underdeveloped countries. Moreover, it believes in creating unlikely partnerships to span across sectors and taking risks. This intersectionality acts as a catalyst and helps them to achieve their vision of advancing health, re-valuing ecosystems, securing livelihoods, and transforming schools and communities timely.

The foundation has undertaken numerous projects, including partnering with:

  • Stanford University Medical Center’ to fund and train emergency care physicians from developing countries such as India and Tashkent, to go back with skill sets needed to help develop emergency care in rural districts and promote mobile programs in preventive health practices for immunizations, gastric and reproductive health.
  • Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), Mumbai for encouraging the formation of several collectives, primarily comprising women and children.
  • CARE International in Togo, West Africa to fund programs in health, water infrastructure, prevention of child trafficking, and capacity building for community organization
  • Concern Worldwide Program, to provide funds which focuses on opportunities for women and girls. It worked in Somalia responding to emergencies caused by drought, flooding, conflict and food shortages, and continues to respond as they arise, with long-term resilience programs for nutrition, health, education and economics.
  • It joined hands and funded women leaders from India to visit Washington DC to gain insights into leadership for changing the world.
  • It funded several Net Aid programs which is an anti poverty initiative, started as a joint venture between the United Nations’ Development Programme and Cisco Systems.
  • It funded part of the ‘Say Yes for Children’ drive, and has made donations to the Australian Outback Doctors, San Francisco Arts Academy, India’s Artists, and Children’s Hospital in Cambodia.
  • Aman Movement’ that invests in Social Value. This non-profit organization works in partnership with the Government of India in improving the social sector developmental programs.
  • With ‘Humanity Crew’, that addresses bullying of refugee children residing in Athens & Greece
  • Funded & Mentored ‘ALL GIRLS School’ Secondary Wing of ‘2500’ girls for ‘Maharani Gurcharan Kaur Euro Group’, Nabha, Punjab, India.
  • Save the Children’, Donated funds & dry Rice for enhancing outreach of Food baskets, Hygiene kits, Clothes & offer support to 20 lakh children’s & their families living on streets amid corona virus.

With ‘Samskara’– An education Arm of ‘Anannke Foundation’, the mission is to provide underserved girls access to education.  Taken a leap forward, with ‘UpCara’; a Sanskrit term means to access and serve which is a non profit organization within the ‘Anannke Foundation’ it provides access to preventative healthcare and human rights for at-risk women who have been dealing with aforesaid issues, with a concentration on older women’s health concerns.

‘Anannke Foundation’ believes in harnessing the local partners and volunteers energy for educational and development related efforts. It gives Scholarship programs for school girls and fund for college preparation in developing nations as an initiative under education by the Foundation. It has previously funded over one million students and regularly donates funds towards building schools in Africa, India and South-East Asia. Furthermore, the operations of the foundation focus on funding organizations that work with children and young adults.

The organization also helps in fighting with bullying. The Foundation educates and regularly runs campaigns against cyber bullying, physical bullying, social bullying, verbal bullying and workplace bullying. It also funds legal battles for women, engage in campaigns for women issues and help young girls.