A. Arokia Mercy

Administrative Manager

A. Arokia Mercy is an M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil, MSW (Master in Social Work) degree holder; rose from humble beginnings and scaled greater heights in the academic achievements with the support of The Foundation. From her childhood, she has nursed a passion for serving the poor which culminated in her joining The Foundation to serve the needy. She has been designated as The Administrative Manager on seeing her involvement in the functions of The Foundation. She co-ordinates the main affairs of The Foundation with zeal and zest which has endeared herself to one and all.

She is a cynosure of the eyes of the beneficiaries in view her deep grasp of issues of each individual and offering viable suggestions for their betterment. She has ability in presenting the problem with clarity and has amazing memory power which enables her to identify the individual student and the background. Her deft handling of the administrative matters is a true plus point.