Healthcare Beyond Boundaries: Mother Teresa Health Centre’s Monthly Medical Camp

Community Health Empowerment

In a powerful demonstration of care and compassion, the Mother Teresa Health Centre recently organized a periodical monthly free medical camp, reaching out to the community in need at the  Infant Jesus Church,  Thanjavur.

Comprehensive Health for All

During this impactful camp, the focus was on essential health parameters, including random blood sugar checks, blood pressure monitoring, Hemoglobin content, ECG tests, and weight assessments. We also provided free medicines for the beneficiaries.

Making a Difference

It’s heartening to know that 267 individuals had the opportunity to benefit from this initiative, with 84 being male and 183 being female. These numbers signify the reach of the camp and the importance of accessible healthcare services, especially for women who often face unique healthcare challenges.

Beyond Medical Care

The impact of the Mother Teresa Health Centre’s efforts reaches far beyond medical tests and check-ups. It’s a reminder that in a world where healthcare can sometimes remain inaccessible, there are dedicated individuals and organizations striving to make a difference.

A Message of Compassion

The 267 people who benefited from this camp received more than just medical care; they received a message of compassion, care, and community.

Inspiring Service

The commitment of the Mother Teresa Health Centre to bringing health to the doorstep of those who need it is a testament to the enduring legacy of love and service that continues to inspire us all.

Infant jesus camp