Empowering Future Social Workers: A Visit to Mother Teresa Foundation

In a recent field visit that bridged the gap between academic theory and real-world practice, 12 second-year BSW students from Bon Secours College for Women, Thanjavur visited the Mother Teresa Foundation. The Chairman of the Foundation extended warm welcome to the students and through a compelling lecture, shed light on the crucial role and significance of social workers in society. He also took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the Foundation’s charitable activities.

The Chairman’s lecture proved to be a pivotal moment during their visit. Drawing from his extensive experience and insights, he eloquently conveyed the multifaceted responsibilities that social workers need to shoulder in our communities. Through poignant anecdotes and real-life examples, he illustrated the challenges and rewards that await these aspiring social workers as they embark on their professional journey.

The Mother Teresa Foundation, with its unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes, served as the perfect setting for this eye-opening experience. Witnessing the Foundation’s charitable activities first-hand left the students inspired and motivated to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate. As they return to their academic studies, these BSW students carry with them a profound sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the pivotal role they are poised to play in the field of social work, thanks to the invaluable insights gained during their visit to the Mother Teresa Foundation.