The Mother Teresa Foundation’s Lifesaving Legacy: Blood Donation Camps Recognized

In a heartwarming tribute to the unwavering commitment of The Mother Teresa Foundation, a certificate of appreciation was bestowed upon them for their exceptional efforts in organizing multitude of blood donation camps to commemorate National Voluntary Blood Donation Day.  

These camps, organized with sheer dedication and a mission to save lives, have not only served as a lifeline for the community but have also contributed significantly to the government’s blood bank at various government hospitals.

The certificate was presented by Mr. Thiyagarajan, Sub Collector, Thanjavur District in the presence of Deputy Director of Health Department, Mrs. Kalaivani, representing the Government of Tamil Nadu. This prestigious recognition was received by Mr. RathisKumar, the Manager of Mother Teresa Health Centre, and P. Jerome, the Logistics Manager of The Mother Teresa Foundation.

The honor was a reflection of the Foundation’s tireless efforts in serving the community. It signified the vital role being played by organizations like The Mother Teresa Foundation in strengthening the healthcare infrastructure of our nation.

The Mother Teresa Foundation’s dedication to organizing blood donation camps has saved countless lives. As we continue our mission of love and service, this recognition serves as a beacon of hope, guiding towards scaling even greater heights of humanitarianism.