Mother Teresa Foundation Empowers 27 Underprivileged Girls Through Scholarship Program

The Mother Teresa Foundation has always been dedicated to serving the most vulnerable communities across India. Mother Teresa Foundation provided scholarships to 27 girl students who are orphans, semi-orphans and destitute throughMother Teresa Scholarship Program.  These students are studying at the Arputha Arts and Science College in Pudukottai, one of the most backward areas in the region. 

The scholarship covers their tuition fees and enables them to continue their education. By providing scholarships to girl students, the program aims to break down gender barriers and empower them to become independent and self-sufficient.

The impact of this initiative will be far-reaching, as the beneficiaries of the program are from the most backward areas in the region. These scholarships will enable these girls to continue their education and pursue their dreams, which might have otherwise been impossible. 

The Mother Teresa Foundation has once again demonstrated their commitment to serving the marginalized communities and empowering them through education.