Annual Report – 2021-2022

Mother Teresa Anbu Illam (Orphanage)

Mother Teresa Anbu Illam, an orphanage started in 2002. The home takes care of orphans, semi-orphans and abandoned children to whom we provide free food, shelter, clothing and quality education with parental care. The home presently has 35 children.  So far more than 410 children have been benefitted and are well placed in their career.

Total beneficiaries: 35

Mother Teresa Community Development Program

Launched in 2005 to provide  the vulnerable with necessary supplies and guidance to alleviate their suffering and to lead sustainable livelihood with honor and dignity. The program covers vulnerable individual and families, differently abled, visually impaired, elderly sick people, Transgender and poorest of the poor. Under this program we provide monthly provisions, monetary assistance, medical care and support for their business ventures. As a new initiative Foundation has undertaken construction of homes for the homeless collaborating with District Administration. Through all the activities relating to Community Development Program  4309 got benefitted.

Total beneficiaries: 4309

World Disability Day

Under this program 300 differently abled Individuals were provided life support equipment to mark International Day of Disabled Persons. Hon’ble Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, Minister for school education Tamil Nadu handed over the equipment to the beneficiaries in the function held on 15th December 2021. 

International Transgender Day

The Foundation observed International Transgender Day on 29.03.2022. Mr. Shan Ramanathan, Hon’ble Mayor, Thanjavur Corporation was the chief guest for the occasion. He, on behalf of Foundation, handed over the life support materials which include cattle, dance materials to 7, rice and other groceries to 10 Transgender. Appointment order was also provided to a Transgender to work in our Foundation. As a part of this event, a wheel chair, 2 hearing aids, a sewing machine, 1 set of prosthetic limbs and 2 tricycles to differently abled and a bicycle to a student under Scholarship  program were also distributed in the presence of Mrs. Rajeshwari, Social Welfare Officer, Thanjavur. 20 Individuals were provided with Sewing Machines, Food and Push Carts, Power Generator and Dance Props to help them maintain a self-sustained livelihood.

Mother Teresa Scholarship Program

Mother Teresa Education Program was started in 2010 to provide full scholarship to orphans, semi-orphans (single mother / single father), destitute, visually impaired and differently abled children, children whose parents are differently abled, visually impaired and affected by terminal diseases and economically poor boys and girls. Priority is given for girls and first graduates hailing from rural areas and urban slums. During 2021-22 we could provide scholarship to 563 students at school level and college levels since the educational institutions started regular classes only in September 2021, after reduction in impact of covid-19.  Financial crunch has also played a major role in reducing the number of beneficiaries.

So far more than 2820 beneficiaries completed their courses and settled down with high profile.

1Arts & Science Courses34135169
2Professional Courses19827
4Technical Courses13316
5School Children103139242
6Anbu Illam (orphanage)3232
6Other State (School)7714
6Other State (College)101323

Total beneficiaries: 563

Mother Teresa Rejuvenation Program

Due to closure of educational institutions on account of covid-19 the program could not be conducted to cover more number of students during this year. The program conducted on 5 occasions was confined to our beneficiary children and their parents. Dr. Radhabai, HOD History Dept. Govt. Arts College, Pudukottai, Mrs. Tamilarasi, retired P. G Assistant in St. Joseph’s Girls Higher Secondary School, Vadugarpet, Trichy (Dt) conducted the programs.

Total beneficiaries: 22187

Mother Teresa New Life Program

Covid-19 was no deterrent to organize new life programs for the benefit of the students despite closure of educations institutions. After seeking the co-operation of the managements of various educational institutions we organized programs online to benefit large number of students. These programs could enable the students to get over the trauma caused by closure of institutions and provide enough mental strength to tide over the unprecedented situation. 

Total beneficiaries: 126000

Mother Teresa Health Centre

Mother Teresa Health Centre established in 2016 continued to provide consultation and treatment with the help of specialists in major fields of medicine on charity basis.  During this year the Centre has been given NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals) certificate which added to the credentials of the centre.

With a view to providing better facilities for the patients, existing inpatient ward has been planned to be provided with more facilities in the form of individual rooms and extra beds. The board has decided to take up the work during coming financial year (2022-23) and complete the same by end of July 2022 and to get the revamped centre opened as a part of 112th Birthday celebration of St. Mother Teresa.

We also organized 7 free rural medical camps and as many as 17843 were benefitted. In the awareness programs and counseling programs organized by the Health Centre over 1525 got benefitted.  In coordination with District Administration COVID-19 vaccination camps were also arranged and both the doses and booster were administered. 42530 patients visited our centre for treatment. Thus, through all the activities relating to the health centre 61898 got benefitted.

The Centre has been provided ambulance by State Bank of India under CSR on 18th February 2022. Shri. Radha Krishna, Chief General Manger of State Bank of India, Chennai Circle inaugurated the Ambulance Project in the presence of other dignitaries of State Bank of India at The Mother Teresa Foundation premises in Thanjavur. The Ambulance is equipped with emergency medical facilities to take care of the ailing patients. It is run on noncommercial basis to benefit the underserved in times of emergency.

Total beneficiaries: 61,898

Mother Teresa Joy Home for Aged

Mother Teresa Joy Home being run for both men and women senior citizens above 60 years since 2019 continued to provide free accommodation and other facilities in the home in dormitory for the abandoned and poor seniors. Regular motivational talks are given to make the seniors forget the bitter part of their life and prepare themselves to promote self-belief to remain self-reliant which is the essence of peaceful advanced age. The loneliness that haunts the elders is overcome through togetherness as a team.

They are not allowed to feel let down for want of care, love and compassion. They are tuned to cope up with the vagaries of life and forget their worries.

Proper diet suiting their physic and motivate them to undertake walking in the morning and evening hours to taste the flavor of nature and to keep them fit is the main feature of this home. The birthdays of the seniors have been celebrated much to their glee. Festivals of all religions were celebrated in this home during this year. The elders were taken out on short picnics as measure to relax. At present 34 senior citizens are staying in this home and getting adequate care, love and compassion.

Total beneficiaries: 34

Mother Teresa Amudha Surabhi Free meal program

Mother Teresa Amudha Surabhi Free Meal Program started in April 2019 has been continued during 2021-22. Its scope has been further enlarged to cover over 600 starving people by targeting such people in other important areas of Thanjavur besides Thanjavur Medical College Hospital Premises. During this year 203427 people got benefitted. The program would be continued to attain zero tolerance to starvation.

Total beneficiaries: 2,03,427

Total beneficiaries during the year 2021 - 2022