Annual Report 2020-2021

This year is historic in the sense that our Foundation reached out to 10 lakh beneficiaries spread over 20 years of service to the underprivileged. Further it is also marked by our timely intervention in other new areas of service especially due to the unprecedented health crisis caused by covid-19 affecting the livelihood of millions of poor people locally and globally. 

To meet out the present urgent needs of the underserved we launched Mother Teresa Amudha Surabhi Free Meal Program and undertook many relief operations for the poor people who have been affected by economic slowdown consequent on restrictions imposed due to covid-19. The projects in currency have been continued to be implemented during this year in addition to launching of new programs.

Mother Teresa Anbu Illam (Orphanage)

Since there has not been much improvement in the covid-19 situation the educational institutions continued to remain closed till October 2021. As a result, majority of the children of Anbu Illam continued to remain under the care of their parents/guardians as in the past year. Presently there are 28 children in our Home who are provided free food, shelter, clothing and quality education with parental care. 

Till October 2021 we made adequate arrangements by providing suitable support to them for attending online classes without affecting their academic prospects. On re-opening of schools in November 2021 the children are attending the classes regularly. We are taking adequate precautions for the safety of the children against covid-19 besides creating awareness among them about the intensity of the global crisis and safeguards to be undertaken by them to combat the situation for healthy living.

Total beneficiaries: 28

Mother Teresa Community Development Program

Consequent on economic crisis caused by covid-19 the above program assumed greater significance during this year to help the vulnerable communities. There has been marked increase in the number of beneficiaries under this program during the year in question. As many as 570 families have been provided various relief measures for their sustainable livelihood. Special emphasize was given to help the nomads, families of frontline workers with meager income who toiled day and night during to help the covid patients, by way of financial assistance and providing monthly essentials for their day to day life according to their needs. The immune boosting food, cereals and fruits to the health workers, persons engaged in crematoriums in recognition of their service before self.

Total beneficiaries: 570

Mother Teresa Counseling Program

Family counseling was done for students, their parents as done in the past. Patients who visit our health center were also given counseling. The relevance of this program assumed greater significance during this year since the mental strength of the poor people has shown downward trend due to impact caused by covid. The coverage has increased multifold during this year compared to previous years to help them to tide over the inhibitions caused by the global health crisis. 

Total beneficiaries: 1,174

Mother Teresa Scholarship Program

onsequent on re-opening of the educational institutions on account of decline in covid cases, we started processing the cases of existing students and also conducted interview for enrollment of new students for providing scholarship. We provided scholarship to 735 students at school and college levels and limited enrolment of new students due to delay in admission process in the educational institutions. Special emphasize was given for providing scholarships to the children of frontline workers with meager income.  







Arts & Science Courses





Professional Courses










Technical Courses





School Children





Anbu Illam (orphanage)







Total beneficiaries: 735

Mother Teresa Rural Health Program

During this year due to covid-19 we could not organize free medical camps in the rural areas, in view of observance of social distancing. However, awareness was created among the general public by distributing pictorial leaflets containing precautions to be taken by them to safeguard themselves and the community from spread of covid-19.  Our volunteers visited the rural areas and provided counseling to the people to get over the mental stress caused by lack of earnings due to pandemic. They also took advantage of their visit and assessed the needs of the rural people for their livelihood in the absence of regular earnings. 

Total beneficiaries: 1,816

Mother Teresa Rejuvenation Program

Due to closure of educational institutions on account of covid-19 the program could not be conducted to cover more number of students during this year. The program conducted on 5 occasions was confined to our beneficiary children and their parents. Dr. Radhabai, HOD History Dept. Govt. Arts College, Pudukottai, Mrs. Tamilarasi, retired P. G Assistant in St. Joseph’s Girls Higher Secondary School, Vadugarpet, Trichy (Dt) conducted the programs.

Total beneficiaries: 1,371

Mother Teresa New Life Program

Covid-19 was no deterrent to organize new life programs for the benefit of the students despite closure of educations institutions. After seeking the co-operation of the managements of various educational institutions we organized programs online to benefit large number of students. These programs could enable the students to get over the trauma caused by closure of institutions and provide enough mental strength to tide over the unprecedented situation. 

Total beneficiaries: 11,500

Mother Teresa Health Centre

Free consultation and quality treatment with the help of specialists in the major fields of medicine, were provided to the general public. We also provided lab tests, medicines through our pharmacy and scan and echo facilities at affordable cost without eyeing on profit. We could fulfill our main aim and goal to provide medical care at affordable cost with love and care. In spite of covid-19 our doctors and support staff toiled untiringly observing all precautions to provide treatment to the patients.

Total beneficiaries: 68,900

Mother Teresa Joy Home for Aged

The home meant for the seniors presently housing 31 persons who are taken care with love and compassion. Due to covid-19 we restricted the enrollment which however would be re-opened during 2021-22 when the situated is like to improve

Total beneficiaries: 31

Mother Teresa Covid Relief Program

The unprecedented global health crisis impacted the marginalized vulnerable families throwing their life out of gear. A strict lockdown to arrest the spread of covid-19 caused economic slowdown affecting the livelihood of rural and informal workers in urban area. It caused untold miseries to the agricultural labourers, migrant workers, informal industrial workers, costing their livelihood. Covid-19 revealed how much India depends on informal economy. 

It destroyed the earnings of a large number of casual labour forces who have no savings to survive without work. In rural India lockdown disrupted agricultural operations making it difficult for farming labourers to lead their normal life in the absence of regular earnings. With a view to mitigating the owes of the vulnerable suffering from extreme poverty and starvation Mother Teresa Foundation stepped in to assist them in the process.

In April 2020 at the behest of District Administration, Foundation provided lunch and dinner to around 300 persons housed in the two camps at Raja Serfoji College and Mariamman Temple, Thanjavur for migrant workers, agricultural labourers, street dwellers, daily wage earners, institutionalized quarantine people and stranded tourists for 48 days. 

In addition to this relief measures included free supply of essentials such as rice, groceries, vegetables, soaps, sanitizers, face masks and cooked food to the impacted individuals and families, who are facing hardships to earn their livelihood. Further as a part of relief measures Foundation provided need-based assistance to vulnerables, differently abled, destitute, transgender to promote their familiar business interest in addition to providing scholarships to poor children with special emphasize on children of suffering frontline workers. 

Total beneficiaries: 83,200

Mother Teresa Amudha Surabhi Free meal program

Since impact of covid-19 is in full vigor presently and number of inpatients have also grown of late in government hospitals, the attendees of these patients spend most of their time in the hospital premises during day and therefore not able to go for work. They remain almost starving whole day for want of food. Sensing the importance of providing free food to the hungry Mother Teresa Amudha Surabhi Free Meal Program was launched on April 2020 in Thanjavur Medical College Hospital premises to provide free lunch to poor attendees of inpatients treated in the hospital daily. 

In the absence of this program these people may go without food. This is all the more alarming in the present situation since the other earning members of these families are also losing their earnings due to economic slowdown caused by covid-19. This program would enable them to remain free from hunger and give them enough strength to lead life without stress. 

Mother Teresa Foundation always strive for an equitable and just society by opening the doors of opportunity for the self-advancement of the poor and the deprived so as to indulge in progressive growth for the society as St. Mother Teresa anticipated.

Total beneficiaries: 1,51,200

Total beneficiaries during the year 2020 - 2021