Annual Report 2019 -2020

Mother Teresa Anbu Illam (Orphanage)

Mother Teresa Anbu Illam started in 2002, has presently 45 children who are orphans and semi-orphans to whom we provide parental care which has been denied to them from their childhood. The children get free food, clothing and shelter and quality education. The children are enrolled irrespective of caste, color, language and religion. We give them school, college and technical education according to their aptitude and academic proficiency. Further to develop self confidence, leadership qualities, orientation programs were arranged on 2 occasions in Anbu Illam with the help of HR specialists.  

Total beneficiaries: 45

Mother Teresa Community Development Program

Under this program during this year the Foundation undertook relief measures for the benefit of Communities comprise of vulnerable, destitute, sick and those from prolonged diseases, differently abled which includes deaf and dumb and visually impaired, aged persons, transgender and those who remain below the poverty line. 

Under this project Foundation took care of the individuals and families according to their needs by providing monthly requirements of rice, groceries, monetary assistance, guidance and help for agro farming communities, free quality medical assistance to the poorest of the poor, life support equipments to help their business interests and scholarships to children of such communities. 

Total beneficiaries: 515

Mother Teresa Counseling Program

Family counseling was done for students, their parents. Patients who visit our health center were also given counseling. We reach out to vulnerable to enable them to live with dignity and honor.

Total beneficiaries: 218

Mother Teresa Scholarship Program

Under this program, we provided full scholarships to students covering orphans, semi-orphans, destitutes, differently abled, children of parents of differently abled and impacted by terminal diseases and also economically poor but academically proficient boys and girl students irrespective of caste, creed, religion and language to pursue their school and college studies. The beneficiaries are from rural areas and from urban slums. Preference was given to first graduates and girls.







Arts & Science Courses 





Professional Courses 










Technical Courses 





School Children 





Anbu Illam (orphanage) 







Total beneficiaries: 1016

Mother Teresa Rural Health Program

8 Free Medical Camps were organized and the patients were duly screened and lab tests were undertaken to identify the areas requiring medical aid. Medicines were supplied free of cost to the patients as advised by the doctors. Follow up treatment was given in our Health Centre based on the condition of the patient

Total beneficiaries: 770

Mother Teresa Rejuvenation Program

As a rider to Mother Teresa Scholarship Program, Mother Teresa Rejuvenation Program was conducted on 4 occasions to highlight the significance of maturing oneself into a socially conscious citizens and develop the sense of oneness.

The prominent speakers include Shri. Joe Malloori, renowned silver screen artist, literarian and orator, and Dr. Anantha Ramakrishnan, Director, Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Dr. Radhabai HOD History Dept. Govt. Arts College, Pudukottai, Rev.Sr. Dr. Victoria, Principal, Bon Secours College for Women, Thanjavur. 

Total beneficiaries: 2000

Mother Teresa New Life Program

Human values are closely integrated with human life. In order to inculcate human values combined with character building especially among children and young adults this Program was envisioned.  During 2019-20, we conducted this program in 32 Schools & Colleges. The feedback from the managements and students has been quite encouraging

Total beneficiaries: 47000 students

Mother Teresa Yoga and Meditation Program

For physical and mental fitness Yoga classes were conducted during weekends throughout the year. This program was conducted during weekends for the benefit of the Anbu Illam children with the help of yoga exponents as done in the past years. 

Total beneficiaries: 45

Mother Teresa Health Centre

Free consultation and quality treatment with the help of specialists in the fields of General Medicine, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Diabetology and Cardiology were provided to the general public. We also provided lab tests, medicines through our pharmacy and scan and echo facilities at affordable cost without eyeing on profit. Large number of poor patients visited the centre and got benefitted through quality medical care

Total beneficiaries: 52100

Mother Teresa Joy Home for Aged

Mother Teresa Joy Home (Free Home for Aged) which was opened on 25th August 2019 commemorating the 109th birthday of St. Mother Teresa at Gopal Nagar, Marungulam, Thanjavur, has won the acclaim of the general public in view of the facilities provided in the home for the occupants. Abandoned seniors were admitted and provided free food, shelter and quality medical care as expected by them from their own children

Total beneficiaries: 28

Total beneficiaries during the year 2019-20