A meaningful event on World Widows Day 2024: Empowering Self Sustaining Single Mothers

On June 23, 2024, The Mother Teresa Foundation commemorated World Widows Day with a transformative event aimed at empowering self sustaining single mothers, at The Mother Teresa Anbu Illam in Thanjavur. Over 500 people participated in this event.

The gathering aimed to empower widows by equipping them with the knowledge and resources necessary to start small businesses, thereby fostering self-sustainability and improving their self confidence. With the support of government grants and assistance from The Mother Teresa Foundation, participants were introduced to various schemes available through the Government of India, designed to uplift and support their entrepreneurial aspirations. This initiative not only highlighted the strength and resilience of widows but also reinforced the community’s commitment to creating a supportive and enabling environment for their growth and independence.

The event was graced by three distinguished chief guests, each a prominent figure in the domain of widow empowerment. Mrs. Punitha Ganesan, the director of The Bharath Group of Colleges, has been instrumental in providing educational opportunities and vocational training to widows, helping them to gain the skills necessary for financial independence. Mrs. Renuka Oliver, a lawyer and psychiatrist who serves as an officer in the Widows and Abandoned Women Welfare Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu, brings a wealth of expertise in legal and psychological support, advocating for the rights and mental well-being of widows. Sr. Rosie, a devout nun from the congregation of Our Lady of Presentation, has dedicated her life to serving the marginalized, offering compassionate care and support to widows through various community programs. Their collective presence and contributions provided profound insights and inspiration, reinforcing the importance of education, legal advocacy, and compassionate support in the journey towards widow empowerment.

The event was also graced by Rev. Fr. Saminathan, Rev. Fr. Alphonse, Rev. Fr. Arokia Bhaskar along with our Chairman Dr. AR Savarimuthu and other trustees of The Foundation.

During the event, scholarships were awarded to 47 children of widows, amounting to Rs. 4.87 lakhs.

The attendees actively participated during the sessions, resulting in a fruitful two-way conversation. This engagement fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas, where widows shared their aspirations, challenges, and personal stories, while the experts provided tailored advice, encouragement, and practical solutions. The interactive nature of the sessions ensured that the information was not just disseminated but also internalized, with attendees gaining a clear understanding of how to leverage the available resources and support systems to start and sustain their own businesses. This collaborative atmosphere highlighted the collective strength and determination of the community, reinforcing the event’s core message of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Powerful testimonials from past beneficiaries were a highlight of the event, offering the attendees a profound understanding of the scope and impact of the assistance rendered by The Mother Teresa Foundation. These heartfelt stories showcased the transformative power of the Foundation’s support, illustrating how access to resources, education, and mentorship has enabled them to overcome significant challenges and build sustainable livelihoods.

In a gesture of appreciation and solidarity, all the attendees were given return gifts (handbags and purses) worth Rs. 1000 each. These gifts were supported by Max Arul Foundation, Pattukottai, Thanjavur.

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