Mother Teresa Foundation Provides Essential Support for Orphan Girls

The orphan and semi orphan girls under the care of Christ the King Girls Hostel, Thanjavur gets support from Mother Teresa Foundation for their hostel maintenance and mess fees which ensures that they have access to nutritious meals and a clean living environment. This support is critical in enabling these girls to access education and reach their full potential.

Recently, the chairman of the Mother Teresa Foundation while providing mess fees to these children highlighted the significance of self-discipline and advocating the core values without cultural erosion. By instilling values such as self-discipline and respect for cultural diversity, the Foundation is helping these girls to develop into responsible and caring members of society.

The Foundation is helping these girls to overcome the barriers they face and enabling them to access education and opportunities that they may not have otherwise had. The chairman also delibrated with the hostel incharge on the academic progress and discipline of these children and feedback has been very encouraging.