Mother Teresa Foundation Empowers Vocational Education in Thanjavur through Scholarship Initiative

The Mother Teresa Foundation provided scholarships for the current academic year to students studying different trades in St. Xavier ITI in Thanjavur. This is a great initiative by the Foundation to help students to pursue their vocational courses overcoming financial constraints and achieve their cherished goals.

While providing scholarships, the chairman of the Mother Teresa Foundation advised the students to adhere to the core values of life and practice the essence of obedience and discipline.  Such adherence would not only discipline them in their personal and professional life but also for others to emulate.

The Mother Teresa Foundation’s initiative of providing scholarships to students studying in St. Xavier ITI in Thanjavur is a great step towards supporting vocational education in the region. This will help to uplift the community and provide opportunities for students who may not have had the chance to pursue their education due to financial constraints.