Women’s Day 2023 Celebration at Rameswaram

On 6th March 2023, the Mother Teresa Foundation Thanjavur conducted a small gathering to celebrate Women’s Day with 83 single mothers in the island town of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. The event was a momentous occasion as it provided an opportunity for these women to come together and celebrate their strength and resilience.

The event was headlined by Dr. Radhabai, a visually impaired PhD holder, who is herself a single mother. Dr. Radhabai shared her personal story of overcoming adversity and inspired the attendees to find strength in their own struggles. Her speech was a reminder that women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to, no matter the challenges they face.

The chariman of the Foundation, Dr. AR Savarimuthu also spoke to the gathering and conducted a small counseling session.

The celebration also included various games and activities that brought a sense of joy and excitement to the attendees. The mothers were also given the opportunity to showcase their talents in a talent show, which allowed them to showcase their creativity and skills.

The Foundation has taken an active role in uplifting this community that is rife with old superstitions and stigma. Single mothers especially widows are shunned from the society at large and are often neglected and isolated, forced to remain at home. The Foundation aims to break this practice and bring about the upliftment of this marginalised group.