Academic progress review of the beneficiary students in Rameswaram

Since the current academic year is half way, the academic progress of the beneficiary students in Rameswaram was reviewed by the Chairman along with the program coordinator to provide further guidance for better performance.

The Chairman who visited Rameswaram met the beneficiary students who have been provided scholarships under Mother Teresa Scholarship Program and reviewed their progress. He motivated them to pursue their studies with more vigor and enthusiasm. While reviewing, the Chairman found that the majority of the 63 students who have benefited under this program in the current academic year have been doing good in their studies. He encouraged them and wanted the remaining students to concentrate more on studies.
In the process he also visited some of the houses of the most deserved students and met their parents/guardians and suitably advised them to provide all assistance to their children to bestow more attention on their studies for a better future. They were all enthused by the personal visit of the Chairman.