Educational Assistance to a Differently Abled Student with a Differently Abled Parent

Mr. Paulraj, deaf and dumb by birth hails from a very remote village of Sengalur in Pudukottai District. Being disadvantaged, he is unable to get regular work causing undue hardship to run his family. His wife Mrs. Alphonse Mary, compensates for his disability by working as a Coolie with meagre and irregular income. They live in a house which is in tattered condition. They have two children and the elder Jarone, who is also fully visually and vocally impaired by birth like his father.

Seeing the economic condition of their family and their inability to support the education of their children, The Mother Teresa Foundation started providing scholarship to Jarone from 8th standard since 2017 by way of school and hostel fees. He has now completed his 12th standard in Punitha Arockia Annai Higher Secondary School, Keeranur which is a regular school for all students. Considering his aptitude, The Foundation has secured admission for him in Worth TTC, Workshop for Rehabilitation and Training of the Handicapped, Manikandam, Trichy under Mother Teresa Scholarship Program.

Their daughter Mariyal, who is presently studying in 10th standard in Punitha Arockia Annai Higher Secondary School, Keeranur is also being supported by our Foundation by way of scholarship.

We hope the support that is extended by The Foundation helps alleviate some of their hardships. We are happy to note a large positive difference in their self-confidence ever since support was extended to them by our Foundation.

Two Children of vulnerable and differently abled family provided scholarship to pursue their education to make them self-reliant.