An enlightenment of hope for students to achieve their dreams

Missionaries of Charity are known world over for their undying love, support, care, and affection towards the poorest of the poor. Their never ending dedication and love towards serving the society has created a sense of satisfaction and contentment for others to follow their footsteps.

And Mother Teresa Foundation, following the footsteps of St. Mother Teresa, always consider it as a blessing for having received the opportunity to serve the students of Kolkata for their Education. We were all the more happy to meet the  students and parents who are sponsored by our Foundation. And our Chairman Mr. Savarimuthu looked into the students’  interest, details, and concerns, and was willing to help them out in all the way possible.

Mother Teresa Foundation, Tamil Nadu was very much interested in knowing and understanding the dreams and aspirations of students of Kolkata. With high ambitions and goals in life, these young souls are confident of making it big in the society. And we are glad to help them and support them in every way possible, specifically for their Education.