Free health and wellness camp for the poor

Mother Teresa Foundation, through its undying love and support, have been consistently providing quality healthcare services for the poor.

And this time our focus was on helping the vulnerable community of Munnaiyampatti Village, Thanjavur district.

A small village, in the circle of Vallam, Thanjavur district, saw a total of 170 beneficiaries, including kids availing our service. And concerns in the area of diabetology, cardiology, pediatrics, and other ailments were duly addressed and noted.

There were specialist doctors and nurses available for consultation. And medicines were also offered on an as needed basis.

Our hon’ble Chairman, as well as the Director of Mother Teresa Health Center along with all the team members were present at the venue to oversee the proceedings. And it was a memorable moment for everyone involved.

A medical camp was organized for the people of Munnaiyampatti Village, Thanjavur district, to address the issues and concerns