A regular medical checkup at Joy Home for Aged

Mother Teresa Foundation have always treated everyone with great care and respect. And have always focused on providing tremendous support to our people, and our community alike.

And the inmates of Joy Home for Aged are no less different, who are showered with love, affection, and care in every way possible.

These inmates come from varied background and lifestyle, who have their own issues and problems. But at Joy Home for Aged, everyone is treated equally, with dignity. And being of old age, they are prone to frequent ailments and disease conditions, which require timely diagnosis.

And Mother Teresa Foundation makes sure they are taken care of properly, with the help of specialist doctors, nurses, staff, and volunteers, who are available to offer a helping hand at every step of the way

Diagnosis and treatment was conducted for the inmates of Joy Home for Aged, specifically to address their concerns, and to offer appropriate remedial measures