Free healthcare services for the poor

Pillaiyarnatham is a small village in the district of Thanjavur, were majority of the population are from low income group. And as such many find it difficult to afford the fees and expenses for hospital admissions and treatments.

And Mother Teresa Foundation as always have helped and supported vulnerable communities, both young and old, irrespective of their caste, color, language, and religion.

And felt it wise to conduct a medical camp for the people of Pillaiyarnatham village as well.

The participation from the crowd was huge. And our staffs, doctors, nurses, and volunteers all joined hands together in making this event a successful one.

Concerns of the patients were duly addressed. And diagnosis, treatments, and medicines were offered to all those who were in need

And we are happy for the fact that we got to help such a wonderful community.

A medical camp was organised at Pillaiyarnatham village of Thanjavur, offering treatment to the public free of cost.