Foundation children meet the chairman

” I have come to meet the chairman to thank him for sponsoring my MBBS studies. I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude since the Foundation will be sponsoring my MS., OG at Gawhathi Medical College, Assam. I am delighted to have received the blessings of the chairman and I am sure I will do well in my studies” – Dr. Nandhini Devi

” With the blessings of the chairman of the Foundation, I have successfully completed by MBBS. The Foundation is generous enough to sponsor my further studies, MS Pathology at Kelpak Medical College, Chennai. After the completion of the course I will serve the society sincerely in the footsteps of St. Mother Teresa” – Dr. Karthick.


Dr.G. Nandhini Devi & Dr. P. Karthick, sponsored by the Foundation met the chairman on completion of their MBBS Course to thank him and express their sense of gratitude. The Foundation will also sponsoring their Post graduate studies.